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GREEK SALAD - The classic Greek salad with Kefalonian feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil

ROCKET - Baby rocket leaves with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes and vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar

AMPELAKI - Tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, roast chicken filet, Haloumi cheese, croutons and honey vinaigrette

BOILED SEASONAL SALAD - Boiled zucchini or "Horta Vratsa" boiled leafy greens


SKORDOPSOMO - Rustic Sourdough Bread with thyme and olive oil

TZATZIKI - The refreshing, traditional dip with yogurt, cucumber and garlic

RIGANADA - The trademark dish of Kefalonia with warm rustic sourdough bread, grated tomato, oregano and Kefalonian feta cheese

PSITA LAHANIKA - Variety of grilled vegetables with mozzarella and basil pesto

HALOUMI - The famous cheese from Cyprus grilled and served with a honey sauce

FETA ME MELI - Kefalonian feta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry baked in oven with honey and sesame

TIGANITES PATATES - No introductions needed here… freshly fried potatoes

POUGAKIA - Pastry Pouches which conceal the 'treasure'… with chicken, leek, "Kasseri" yellow cheese and fresh mushrooms

CRAB CROQUETTES - With spring onion and mayo sauce with pickled cucumber

REVITHOKEFTEDES - Chickpea patties traditional recipe from Sifnos island which will whet your appetite and satisfy even the vegetarians

TARAMOSALATA - Genuine white 'taramas' dip (cod fish roe) blended with bread and onion

GAVROS MARINATOS - Marinated anchovies in a toasted bread with tomato, caper and rocket leafs

CALAMARAKIA - Calamarakia

PSARAKI TIGANITO - The small fried fish of the day

Greek Cuisine

KLEFTIKO - Boned leg of locally-farmed lamb roasted slowly in the oven with tomatoes, peppers and feta cheese

BAKALAOS SKORDALIA - Fried salted cod fish served with garlic mashed potatoes dip

KREATOPITA - Kefalonian meat pie the most famous recipe of the island home-cooked hand-kneaded pastry with pieces of beef, pork and rice flavoured with marjoram

KOUNELI - Rabbit marinated in vinegar overnight and cooked in a tomato sauce with white wine, onion, garlic and cloves

GEMISTA - Stuffed Vegetables a summer time dish which on our island is eaten without mince, and is therefore an excellent choice for vegetarians

MOUSSAKA - After the Greek salad is the dish the whole world associates with Greece with beef mince meat and béchamel cream without gluten

Sea Food

LAVRAKI - Sea Bass grilled simple yet delicious

KOUTSOMOURES - Mullet depending on size, it can be grilled or fried for your enjoyment

KSIFIAS - Swordfish a succulent fillet of a fish native to the waters of the Ionian Sea

OCTAPODI - Crispy and tasty grilled pieces of octopus

GARIDES - Freshly cooked prawns

TUNA STEAK GRILLED - Tuna steak grilled

Pasta Dishes

PASTA WITH CHICKEN - Pasta with chicken, coloured peppers, "Kozani" red saffron and fresh cream

PASTA WITH TOMATOES - Pasta with tomatoes, basil pesto and mozzarella

PASTA WITH CREAM AND BACON - The Greek version of Carbonara

PASTA WITH PRAWNS - Pasta with prawns, Ouzo, tomatoes and Kefalonian feta cheese

Meat Dishes

VEAL STEAK - Tender veal steak

BEEF BURGER - Beef burger from 100% fresh beef mince served on a burger bun with freshly fried potatoes

PORK TENDERLOIN - Pork tenderloin

PORK STEAK - Pork steak marinated in mustard

Our Recipes

BURGER WITH BRANDY - Beef burger from 100% fresh beef mince, fresh mushrooms, 3* METAXA brandy and fresh cream

CHICKEN WITH TARRAGON - Chicken fillet with tarragon, Kefalonian feta cheese and red sweet pepper from Florina

CHICKEN WITH HONEY - Chicken fillet with "Mavrodafni" red wine, coriander seeds and honey

ROBOLA PORK FILLET - Pork fillet with Robola white wine, thyme, fresh mushrooms and mustard

VEAL STEAK IN PEPPER SAUCE - Veal steak in pepper sauce.


BAKLAVAS - The famous rich baklavas with almond and walnut

PATSAVOUROPITA - Filo pastry with the our secret filling served with vanilla ice cream

LOCAL YOGURT - Local yogurt with honey or preserved sweet

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