Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Lee & juliet P           


What can I say, other than we love it. It is one of our two favourite restaurants in Skala.

The only thing that stops us eating there more frequently when we are on holiday in Skala is that you need to try new experiences to broaden your horizons.

However, each time we visit this magical island, and wonderful resort, we always end up agreeing that Socrates is fantastic. This time we were ther form the 1st to the 15th of June.

The food is always authentic Greek, and people that complain about the portion sizes or quality are missing the point; this is a Greek restaurant, on a Greek Island doing proper Greek food. You want Anglisized Greek food, stay in the UK. Or eat at one of the places in Skala that have 'sold out'.

Everything is mouth watering; from the Feta Psiti (roast feta), to the Giant Beans, white beans in vinegar, red snapper.. I could go on and on.

The local wine (dopio Krassi) is excellent, and fantastic value. We especially love the white (aspro). And for a treat - ask for Dad's home made wine!

We first visited in 1993; we were walking past and happened to stop to peruse the menu when we were waved in, sat down and presented with a free glass of wine and a small bunch of grapes by Costas the father. These people really are delightful and welcoming.

Anastasia, the daughter, and Dimitri the eldest son are fantastic hosts along with Denis their 'assistant'. Helpful (Dimitri has offered to help find me a property to fulfil my dream of opening a gym in Skala. If only...), charming and humourous. And delighted if you drop the Brit arrogance and attempt to speak Greek (say 'sarandapotharousa' which means millipede and they'll love you!). Oh, and 'Ene karafe dopio krassi meghalo, parakelo.' That's a large carafe of the house wine!.

Efkharisto, Anastasia. Efkharisto Dimitri. Efkharisto Denis. Hopefully, we'll see you at Easter.

Manolis - (Restaurants in Skala)

Lee & juliet P           

Great place, and the Guvnor is really friendly and loves a laugh. This is one of our favourite two restaurants in Skala, and we never visit the resort without eating here at least three times.

But beware! He is also very generous with the wine. We can strongly recommend the rose, but three litres is a little too much! Even if two of them have been forced upon you gratis.

The kilo of lamb chops for two is an excellent meal. I cannot remember ever having meat so succulent or well cooked.