Muses Cafe

Bars in Lourdas

Anthony B           

A great find. I walked in to find an immaculate all round enviroment. Nadia, the owner, whizzes through the cocktatail without even a thought, or so it seem. The only thing near a complaint that anyone had was, "We want this place to open every minute of the day." Great staff, great place, great prices, fantastic atmosphere.

Louise C           

Not as impressed as i thought i would be from comments on here - the staff are lovely however!! It is very dark there so try and sit nearer the lights!! There is a water fountain and it would be very romantic if you went with a loved one!! If you want it a bit busier go to the top of the hill and try the bar opposite astra - this has bit more music!!

Laura S           

Very quiet. Lovely drinks, ok prices. Great lay out, very new. Friendly staff.


Best bar (out of the 2)in Lourdas. Brand new, beautifully laid out and run by a very friendly lady called Nadia from Finland. B52's were great! Also, try out the fountain fishing!

Mike W

Has anyone visited "Sunset Studios" at Lourdas? How isolated will I be if I don't have a car? Is it easy to get a Taxi? Is it easy to catch a Bus?

Tim B           

A super new bar that is good for breakfast snacks ! I also watched the world cup here on widescreen TV in air con bar .very good !

Gareth J           

Situated halfway up the hill from the brand new Naftilos Studios (yes Naftilos!!!). A great place to stop for a refreshing drink at the beginning or end of the evening. Owner very pleasant and service very good. A good chillout zone.

Allison F           

Nice environment, relaxing, great fountains.

Geoff D           

Near the top of the hill before your enter Lourdata proper. Newly opened for the 2002 season. Very smart and tastefully presented place but don't let that put you off. Prices are very reasonable. around 3.8 euros (2.50 ish) Run by a Scandinavian lady who is an absolute expert on Cocktails. I can personally reccomend the "Brandy Surprise" and "Singapore Sling". When we were there she was preparing something which looked like a Campari and lemonade topped up with lager beer. Not sure what it is called but I bet it would cool you down after the walk up the hill. Treat yourself before or after dinner.