Car Rental in Kefalonia

Nigel G          1/10

Liberatos are now the representatives for AVIS. We booked a car for 12 days through Thomas Cook when we booked the holiday.  We only wanted a small car but for obvious reasons wanted air con.  We booked an 'A' class car, whichwe had to pay an extra 25 euros to have delivered plus an extra 80 euros for collision damage waiver ( If we had ordered one when we got there the delivery was free as was the CDW). When the car arrived I checked it over and noticed (apart from the dents and scratches) that the engine management light was on. I pointed it out and was told it is because someone put bad fuel in and it would be ok.  When I drove it the first time I filled with SUPER UNLEADED to dilute bad fuel. As soon as it got warm, it would not go up any hill without badly misfiring. Kef is very mountainous so I took it back the next day and asked for a replacement. Answer. We dont have any until tomorrow try driving it without the aircon on (WHAT!). Took it back the next day. We still don't have a replacement bring it back tomorrow at 1000. Took it back, guess what, still no replacment available but sit in the office and they will take it to the garage to be checked. Waited a hour the same car returns. Told it is ok now,had been filled with bad fuel. Started the car, engine management light had been reset. Drove away, got warm, misfired. S**T car. even S*****R customer service. They did nothing until the holiday rep got on to them and demanded a replacement (bless him)  DONT USE LIBERATOS/AVIS   

Sue J           

hired a clio from Liberatos for 4 days end of june very clean car excellent service drove all around the island.This was there B  class of  car  they also had Polos and fiat. we had a 1.4 engine dont go for anything smaller as the roads  need a car with a bit of power.