Mythos Cafe Bar

Bars in Poros

John G           

great beer, great company great bar!!! what more can i say? we have had wonderful times in the company of babis and his staff, we can't wait til our next visit. the t shirts are brilliant by the way..... thanks babis!


What a fantastic place to chillout and people watch, our favourite bar in Poros for the last few years. Babis and Tula are lovely people and the bar has a warm friendly atmosphere. You can't go to Poros and not try the Mythos Bar icecream menu it has yet to be beaten.

Well recommended by many frequent visitors to the village.

Babis S           

who is Paul Burbury ?????
where can i see him??

Paul B           

Great place! Babis is the perfect host. It offers a really good atmosphere at all times of the afternoon, night (and early morning). Our favourite bar by far and probably the best in Poros.

Babis S           

one of the best places in the ionian islandsthe place the last 7 years is mythos is open from the early morning till late morning! chilout music and a tropic atmosphere!

Babis S           

Excellent music service my best time on island

David K           

This is a perfect bar to sit and watch the world go by during the hot afternoon. The owners are friendly, as well as the local customers. Keep an eye out for the local policeman drinking a Frappe at the bar. A great place to sit and enjoy or to email friends back home with their computers.