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Kay C           

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Loved Bass Club!!!!!!!!!
Still tryin 2 get hold of picture that was taken in the paper of me n Loz!!!!
We will definatly be comin bak next year!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren H           

BRILLIANT club wel worth going to especially on a friday or saturday. Cant wait to come back there next year and dance all night x

Kay C           

Loved Bass club!!!!!!!!

DJ will hopefully remember me n Loz asking him 4 Gasolina and shakira every nite!!!!!! lol
Thanx 2 the photographer gettin pics of us we never did c pic that got put in the paper but ill keep checking website 2 c if it goes on.
We will c u next year (we r comin 4 4months) i loved it in greece and didnt wanna come home!!!!!!!


Gonna miss this place this year!!!!


Kerry C           

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back home now, loved bass like normal, dancing my ass off on the bar till 6.30/7 best place in argostoli, didnt pay to get in, its been modernised from cinema, so is all new and wowza! haha, love it! the american mc in there threw my m8 on the floor, haha that was funny, he was great got a pic with him, went behind the dj bit, always packed to the max, bit expensive but who cares, a good night costs! taxi there n back into lassi not expensive 5euros there n 5bk, good night had, all ages in there, all dancing, chill out area at the top of bass, good night, recomended to all!

Lois L           

I have been to kefalonia twice this year already and i would say that base club was definately the best place to go.  The talent there is brilliant which is the main thing.  Cant wait to go back in August 

Kerry C           

this place is just to good, knew it as cinema club as well, although i didnt go in may like usual, im going in august, so if anyone wants a good night out-well after 1, go bass, its wkid, good music, good dancin space n seatin area, didnt use it thou, its right in the middle of argostoli ish, down a side road like most of em, i love it here, dancin the morning away till 7am! jus go there, cant wait to go bk on the 14th august, wahoooo... kerry xxx

Lauren H           

Me and my sister went to bass club with some albanian friends and we thought it was really good, theres no english in there though so i wouldnt go alone if u dont no anyone coz some of the men can be full on in there. We come every year so we will be going back in august and we will be going back to bass club most nights.


the best ever


this place is now called BASE! o my god, its soo groovy! i danced for 3 hours non stop... from like 2AM til 5! its where all the greek locals go! ;)! some very sexy greeks! who will just dance with you, and you dont even know them! friendly atmosphere, and amazing place! the lights and sound base is out of this world! much better then all the night clubs in UK by far! if you go to kefalonia, go here! you will have the time of your life! believe me!

Karen F           

cinema is bloody wikid! great fun, loadsa bar dancing, a good place 2 spot cuties! good drinks jus way over priced! going back in august, cant wait!


we went here nearly every night of our holiday. we enjoyed it very much, great music, and loads of FIT greek boys! we danced the morning away till gone 4am! on weekdays this club is open from 12 till 4, and at weekends its open from 12am till 7am! very friendly place 2 b! we will deffinatly b going bck this year wen we go in aug! by the way the drinks r abit pricey. but over all a good night had by all! xxx

Dimitri S           

The Cinema club is located in Argostoli!

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