Libra Grill Bar - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Samantha   (21 October 2002)         

Alexias menu looked like it had a lot of variety and included a lot of veggie meals. We thought it was very expensive for what you got. The fresh fish was lovely but the veggie meals were expensive and didn't taste of much. Nice waiter and nice cats.

Muses Cafe - (Bars in Lourdas)


Muses is a great bar, very chilled with very friendly staff and good music. This is the only decent place in Lourdas, I really wish they did a full menu of food to go with the excellent drinks choice. Great place to watch storms from.

October - (Best Time to Visit)


October was ok. We had about 3 days of really nice sunshine. We visited from 6-13 Oct. A lot of the nights it was raingin and thunder storms, so bring some warm clothes and waterproofs and you'll be fine.