Glass bottom boat trip - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Paul D          10/10

just returned from week in keffalonia(3 this morn to be precise)

i have never done a trip while on a package hol my other half..debbie suggested we go,begrudgingly i coughed up 100 euros for us and proceeded to moan about paying so much for a boat trip and a bit of manky food and some crappy local wine...........well i hate to admit this but she was right i did have a good time..even though my finger is in a splint after having six screws an two plates to hold it together...the food wasnt manky(i had 3rds) the wine was crappy but i didnt care it was hot and the company and surroundings were more than enough to make up for it...makis and all were great,so to sum up this usually misarable,dont wanna go on a stupid trip type person was very impresed.all in all
......................FANTASTIC!!!! if your like me and dont usually join in,have a go you might like it, even if you show yourself up you probably wont see the people again..just enjoy it

Renieri Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Paul D          8/10

just returned from renieris apps....they are what they are.basic dont expect anything other than that..location is fantastic,no pool but your across from big village and can use the pool there but if you are after a bit of luxury then stay at the village their rooms are large by greek standards but if its budget your after then the reneris are just fine due to the location