Avli - (Restaurants in Lixouri)

Mechelle G

I am planning a visit to Scala last week August 1st week of September 2004. Originally i wanted to stay in Fiskardo but since reading the comments have realised it's more expensive than other resorts.

Can you tell me the typical cost of a two course evening meal for two without wine. Im worried about how much spending money I will need.

It's five years since I've been to Kefalonia, I previously visit Corfu many times.

Zephyros Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Mechelle G

I am interested in staying at the Zephyros Hotel during August / September 2005. Can anyone tell me which Tour Operator I can find out more details / book through? I have been to Kefalonia before about 6 years ago, it is a lovely island alhough I stayed in Lassi last time, I am looking forward to trying Scala!

Myrtos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Mechelle G           

Best beach on Kefalonia, don't visit without seeing it.  Best to purchase a pair of surf shoes (available from most supermarkets) as the beach is pebbly as you enter the water.  Although the beach is popular, there is still plenty of space to find your own little patch away from other people if you want to, and not too crowded considering how lovely it is.  Some days the sea is really calm, other days it can be a bit rough so be sensible according to your abilities.  Don't be scared off by the horror stories of people drowning, but do be careful.  I love this beach!