Trata Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Andy B           

This was the restaurant that we ate at in Lassi. We tried others, but ate here four nights out of seven. Food was great, though I agree that the veg were fresh out of the tin (but, hey, I don't do greens anyways!). My recomendation is the Snapper fillet, the swordfish and lamb.

Service was good, the chap on the door - gotta give him credit - makes it impossible to pass without at least one visit :-)

Childrens meals were excellent - anything on the menu in a half portion for half price. The children are aged from three to thirteen and had a great time eating at Trata.

Price, maybe slightly more expensive, but not by much. Well outwighed by free coffee and Metaxa after the meal.

Marina 1 Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Andy B           

Nice appartments, clean and adaquately equipped. Thanks go to Maria and her family for a nice stay.

A couple of maintainance points that we raised with the rep were fixed by the time we got back in the evening.

A little over five minutes walk takes you to supermarkets, the beaches and the Tavernas.

Kosmar warned us of noise from the tavernas that was hardly noticable, even on "greek" night at Zorba's.

Kosmar - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Andy B           

Outbound flights and transfer were fine, landing around 10 mins early. Return flight landed 35 mins early! All well organised.

Reps were available, but not intrusive and sorted things out promptly. Excusions were not 'over-pushed'.

Booking over the internet was easy and straight-forward.

Would definately travel with them again to Kephalonia.