Pericles Hotel - (Accommodation in Sami)

Dancefloorqueen G

The family rooms are in the basement, they're quiet and away from the bar and main hotel area.   These rooms have a decent sized patio are surrounded by a wall - we've been with 2 & 4 year old's and no one has escaped:- )  The family rooms are perfect as the children have their own room but no access to the outdoor areas.  Highly recommend.

Fiskardo - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Dancefloorqueen G          10/10

We are about to head to Kefalonia for our 5th trip in 10 years.  We always stay in Sami but have a night or 2 away in Fiskado.  We have always found the town to be welcoming and look forward to this each time. There may not be any beaches in the town but we have enjoyed snorkelling in the area and always find it a relaxing trip. It is true that it is more expensive than Lassi or Skala but it's a different type of town.  You wouldn't expect to pay the same prices in Fulham as Stratford!  We have 2 small children and wouldn't dream of basing our holiday here but a night here is absolute bliss.  This is the perfect weekend getaway and I cannot recommend highly enough.  We book a room in a small hotel and have a night out with wonderful seafood and usually 1 or 2 cocktails too many:- )  This is a beautiful part of the island and it would be a shame to let narrow minded bigots put you off it.  I would highly recommend that you make your own way here rather than take an organised trip.  There is nowhere better to sit and people watch with a glass of something wonderful.