IL Gabbiano - (Restaurants in Lassi)

David R          1/10

Do not bother going here the food is not good! Which is what most people would go to a restaurant for. The waiter was superficially nice enough ( he was the one who persuaded us to go in with his promise of Greek and Italian specialism ). We ordered cod and chips and baked carbonara. The wife's dish arrived and it was like two big fish fingers quite obviously from a freezer job lot, she ate it as it was edible but not what you would expect from a restaurant more what you would expect from a greasy spoon in a lay by. She foolishly expected fresh fish as we were meters from the sea! My Carbonara was tasteless. There was a texture of plastic and after a fork full i decided it probably was not safe to proceed. I informed the waiter that i would not have given this to my dog ! He apologized, stated " the chef must not know how to cook this properly " and continued to still charge me for the meal, but did bring two luminous drinks on a tip tray with the bill. Suffice to say there was no Tip left. I did leave him though the two complimentary drinks. Ate out every night and day for two weeks and this was the worst meal ever. Do not go there if you want good food.