Lourdas Beach Apartments - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Grazyna C          2/10

I just came back from a week in Lourdas, my favourite holiday destination for some years. This year however I have chosen through Sanvil, the Beach Apartments. Be careful, where your room is situated. Mine faced the restaurant next door called The Blue Sea, and the fan extractor from the kitchen made a rattle  most od the time untill the restaurant closed at night.  In addition  I was overlooked by the people eating in the restaurant, so on the whole it was not a relaxing and comfortable place to stay. Eventually I moved out paying my own way  to a different owner, to enjoy the only week of my holiday this year. Sanvil would not take any responsibility, so make sure you book the appartment on the side of the buiding that is not facing the restaurant, or choose somwhere else. There is lots of better places in Lourdas! It is not as peaceful as years ago, so do not be fooled by the previous comments.
The appartments are close to the beach, but there is a road outside used by the motorbikes almost all day till the early hours of the morning.  On the whole I would not recommend this accommodation to anyone who needs to relax, use their balcony in the evening or read a book. The appartments have no night lamps over the beds! 
Ms. G.Czubinska, London