Mermaid Taverna - (Restaurants in Sami)

Ryan E          10/10

The Mermaid is a lovely restaurant to go and eat in Sami because Theo and Eifee look after you really well I do feel for them having to work from 10am until 3am but as for Eifee she is such a sweetheart and has a very good sense of humour and helps you with problems. Theo is also a nice guy even though he does not say much and he looks after his mamma and his sister really well. The first time I eat there one of their brothers Alex dropped my burger down my new shorts but he gave me another one which was very good of him but you don't see much of the other brother George but he is alright as well infact Theo and Eifee are very nice. The food is always nice and everyone is most welcome. Ryan Ensor