Eden - (Bars in Lassi)

Brett G          10/10

Went to Kefalonia in September 2011 with my girlfriend Kathryn.  Eden, as the name suggests is a garden themed bar and definitely lives up to the name.  It is the last bar on the right when walking through Lassi toward Argostoli.

Wherever you sit in Eden you will be surrounded by all manner of beautiful flowers, palms and shrubs and the atmosphere here is first rate!  During the September evenings (and it was HOT this year - the hottest day knocking on 40 degrees in the shade was Friday 16th) the bar smells of a local flower that only opens when the sun has gone down.  We never did get a picture of the flower type but it fills the place with a subtle perfumed aroma a bit like my girlfriends bottle of FlowerBomb which is very nice and neither overly sweet nor overly pungent.

Whether you go in the daytime or during the evening you will find George the waiter.  George is a natural comic and a local guy who has worked for Eden for a number of years and he is an absolute legend.  He works very hard and for long hours, often 15 hour days yet he still keeps his chin up and never drops his pace.  If you watch the way people like George work so tirelessly here you will leave this island feeling pretty humbled by it.

The drinks prices are actually quite realistic.  Anything with 3 or more measures of spirits in the UK would cost 5 plus.  Here it is around 10 percent cheaper but the service comes with good humour, courtesy and very tasty cocktails.  A pint of Amstel or Mythos (Greek beer that goes down well) will set you back around 3 euro which compared to London or Paris (you'd pay around 5 or 6 euro in Paris for a pint of Amstel) and nearly every bar in Lassi goes to the trouble of serving it in glasses straight out of the freezer!

Saying goodbye to George and the Eden bar was hard.  If this were our local pub we would no doubt end up penniless but happy!

George - if you are reading this - YAMAS and Efkaristo! - Brett and Kathryn :D

Once I have processed the photos I will place a link on this blog for all to see.