Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Richard S          3/10

We visited these apartments during the summer of 2011. This was the fourth time we had been to the island and our third visit to Skala so our expectations were high.


However, our holiday was spoilt by Elisabeth's attitude to us, once she realised we would not be spending a large amount of money or time at the hugely overpriced pool bar (2.5 euros for a can of coke!)


In addition to this, there were 3 incidents which Elisabeth dealt with in a very rude manner.


Firstly the bar-b-que; we had booked 4 places and intended to go but a medical emergency meant we had to cancel at the last moment. We later received a note from her saying that we would have to pay 30 euros as she would be out of pocket for the food she had bought. When I discussed this with her she was very rude and walked away.


Secondly, when I pointed out part of the swimming pool edge where my daughter had cut her foot, she said that the pool could not possibly have caused the cut. Once again she seemed to forget the fact that, as her customers (not her "guests"), we had the right to be treated with respect.


Lastly, the information document. We had not filled this in as we did not think it necessary or legal. She chose her moment carefully and approached my daughter, whilst on her own, demanding that the form be filled in. Threats were made about removing our passports if this "instruction" was not complied with.


People say that she is extremely friendly. Well I can assure you that she is the rudest hotel proprietor I have ever met.


When we were there, even the so called "in crowd" were scared of crossing her. One guest was heard to say how he was "so relieved" that he was not responsible for the fault with his air con system.


In addition to this, other guests frequently made fun of how strict Elisabeth's poolside rules were saying "It's OK to dive, Elisabeth isn't watching." When someone broke a glass by the pool, his daughter said, "Well you'd better get packing because you'll have to go home now!"


If you have children who like to enjoy themselves when they are in the pool, this is not the place for you. She keeps watch on everybody like a stern headmistress, and whenever anyone steps out of line in the slightest way, she sends one of her staff to remind them of the rules.


It seems that if you want to keep yourself to yourself and not spend time socialising with her at the bar then Elisabeth resents this.


We would not return to the Andreas Apartments unless there was a change in management.