Milos Beach Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Alison S

I Went in june this year for the first time and loved it!! the menu was lovely with a range from basic dishes to speciality greek foods! great location just oposite thee beach which is sooo convenient when you dont want to walk to far in the heat. absolutly loved it cant wait to be back'!!!  

Aquarius - (Restaurants in Skala)

Alison S

I hate to put a bad comment in the mix but i did not like aquarius if only because of one waiter who was extremely sexist towards me and the friends i was with! He not only was rudewhen ordering but spilt the food when it arrived after such a slow service i could have eaten the meal two times over!!! not impressed slow service leary waiters and sexist people are not the foundations for a good restaurant!!!!

lets hope the waiter will be sacked so i can have a pleasant meal if i ever return!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galera - (Restaurants in Skala)

Alison S          7/10

The food good but the waiting staff great. i went this year and the waiter with about a tube of gel in his black hair was so lovely and polite, he make loads of jokes some less funny than the others but non the less he was such a great guy, i cant wait to go back next year for another great meal and alot more banter with the nice waitor !!!