Butlers House - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Tim           10/10

Just got back from our first visit to Kefalonia, we stayed in Lassi and read the reviews on here about Butlers House prior to going......
It just shows that restaurants are subjective and don't suit all of the people all of the time !
I'm just glad that I wasn't put of by some of the posters on here who gave Butlers a low rating.
What did we think ?
Surroundings excellent, the best in Lassi, yes the tables are close together but that just enhances the experience.
Atmosphere excellent, the best in Lassi, the singer was very entertaining.
Service excellent, the waiters were very considerate and created a great buzz and yes they were extremely busy.
Food excellent, yes there were other great restaurants but 'pound for pound' our experience of Butlers House was 'Best in Town'.
We ate here 3 nights and also tried 6 other restaurants in Lassi.
Just shows you have to make up your own mind !!!!!!!!!!!