Marina Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Anna B          1/10

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Reference our holiday to Kefalonia August 29th 2010 September 12th 2010 booked through Olympic holidays


As avid lovers of all things Greek we have travelled to many Greek islands over our lifetime. We expect accommodation to be basic with a self catering option but the Marina Studios in Skala, Kefalonia made 'basic' seem like a 5* hotel.

Shame on you Olympic holidays for allowing such poor, cramped and inadequate accommodation to appear as one of your venues



The rooms were so small that an undernourished hobbit would have felt claustrophobic staying there. Storage was a single wardrobe and a small bedside table, necessitating the use of our suitcases as both storage and a shelving facility.

As for food the only storage was a tiny refrigerator as there was no cupboard space. We rigged up a 'Heath Robinson' contraption of carrier bags hung on washing line to store our food.


We hired air conditioning on the first week (or, as I liked to call it 'con-air' as the cost was 40 euros per week). During the 'wee' hours the unit turned into an internal waterfall with water cascading down the wall over an electric plug and onto the ceramic and 'slippery when wet' floor.

On a comfort level our single beds would have been adequate had it not been that several of the wooded slats under my husband's bed used to drop to the floor with a loud crash on a regular basis, again this was usually in the 'wee' hours. A good night's sleep was rarely if ever guaranteed

On a positive note the veranda was excellent

Self catering facility

The draining board on the tiny half sized sink unit housed a two ring electric cooker which was unsafe as the whole electrical unit shorted out when both rings were used. As there was no table or area to prepare food we had to transport the plastic table from the veranda inside every time that we ate. Crockery, comprised of two chipped mugs and three mismatched plates, we had to buy a tin opener, drinking glasses, mugs and a serving bowl during our stay.

On a positive note we did have a kettle and a toaster, although both appliances had to be used on the floor due to lack of a table!!!!!


The sheets and towels were only changed once in our two week holiday. We had to use two of the towels to mop up our nightly internal waterfall, so were short of clean linen for most of our stay.

The apartment did get a cursory clean three times a week but as you will note from the enclosed photograph of the bathroom this service was poor. The black hair shown in the bathroom belonged to neither me nor my husband.

On a positive note we did have a friendly gecko that appeared each night to catch the mosquito's in the apartment