Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Victoria S          10/10

I can't believe the comments about the staff on this website! We have just got back from Lourdas and they were so friendly to us - the owner, the waiter, the girls. Every time we walked past after eating there, they waved at us and said hello. The owner was really good with our baby, helping us with the buggy and even pushing her around the restaurant while we ate our food to try to get her to sleep for us. He gave us free drinks, free potato salad, free melon and ice cream and free use of his sunbeds on the beach as we were on our honeymoon. As for the food, it was the same standard as all of the restaurants in Lourdas - nice food but not michelin star obviously.We ate there twice and had no complaints. We had giant beans in tomato sauce, meatballs, lamb kleftiko, meat pie and baklava and we ate exactly the same the second time around because it was so nice. 40 euros for three courses for two with wine and beer? I think that's reasonable. Everybody we spoke to in our hotel agreed with us and went back again. I read in a guide book that the people of Kefalonia are very friendly and don't expect anything back for the friendliness - I think we are too quick to assume that the owner is a "letch" when actually, he is just being friendly.