Sunrise Fish Taverna - (Restaurants in Skala)

Susan W          8/10

Once again on our fifth holiday to Kephalonia in July, we were given a warm welcome by Victor and his family at the Sunrise Restaurant.
 Dismayed by the general 'clamour' and volume of music played in many of the other restaurants in the Resort this year, we sought refuge time and time again, at Sunrise. We were never disappointed. The sound of the sea, the cicadas, and the soft buzz of conversation and chink of glasses, is the only 'music' you will hear there- and what welcome respite!
The food  at Sunrise is reliably good, as is the service, which is 'spot on'. Whether it be a lunchtime snack, or dinner, we have found the fish to be wonderfully fresh and well cooked, the pork chops excellent, to rival any we have tasted in England, and the walnut cake light of texture, with a subtle honey syrup. Delicious!
Georgio and Andreas have introduced a few gradual changes to give the restaurant a slightly smarter more cohesive appearance, but otherwise have allowed it to remain true to itself in retaining its very unique personality. We found it to be a place where we could truly and utterly relax, in a beautiful garden ambience, surrounded by flowers, overlooking the beach, safe in the knowledge that no matter what we ordered from the menu, it would be just right.
There is no doubt that our holidays in Skala have been made all the richer and more enjoyable by our visits to Sunrise!  Sue and Russell