Kiani Akti Restaurant - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Lyn C          8/10

returned from Kefalonia on 22nd June, this was our 11th visit and we still love the place, been to Kiani Akti again and this time felt really ripped off, we know the fish is not a cheap choice but this was our last night and we wanted a change from the normal fare, we were shown the fresh clams and the wild red snapper which looked lovely. I chose the clams for starters which came as an extremely small portion and my husband had deep fried battered courgettes (lovely) and we both had the red snapper as main course the waiter told us the price would be 54euro each for the fish, but as it was something special we didn't mind, however ,when it came, it came alone without any vegetables, potatoes, chips, or anything which was very dissapointing, especially as the board read, local fish cooked in the oven with roasted vegetables, it was probably my own fault for not checking, but at that price I expected the works and felt like I was being treated rather stupidly. I would go again and I would recommed it but next time I will know what to ask for, and advise anyone to be clear on what they are paying for. the total cost with a bottle of local rose was 120 euro.   

Premier Restaurant Menu - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Lyn C          1/10

went to the Premier for breakfast in June, which was fine, the waitress told us that it was their 20th anniversary, and if we came back in the evening they would be giving you a free glass of wine with every meal and a free dessert, they had been to a fare and were selling lots of new desserts which looked mouthwateringly delicious, we went back a couple of days later and the offer was still on, but how dissapointing it was. my husband ordered a pizza which was on the board but not on the menu he asked for one with everything on it and when it came it was just smothered in tomatoe puree sauce and horrid squidgy cheese and nothing else, we noticed that 3 girls at the next table also had pizza which had lovely bits of feta and olives and mushrooms on so I don't know why his was so awfull, I had mousakka which was gross, it was made of  recycled meatballs and potatoes and it was cold and vile, nothing like the one I had in Svoronata which was lovely. we were only given one free dessert to share which was a doughnut and ice cream, we weren't ask what we would like and really felt that once they got you in they couldn't care less about the food. Definatley would not reccomend .