Marina Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lauren B          7/10

I have just returned from a wonderful week in Skala staying at the Marina Studios with my friend (Up above the Gallera restaurant). This is my fourth time visiting Skala, but my first time staying at the Marina. Before our holiday we read A LOT of very negative comments on these studio's and yes I can see where some people are coming from, however I wanted to give my honest and balanced opinion on them. Firstly, the room that we stayed at overlooked the side street (Opposite the traditional Greek taverna - plate smashing/fire dancing restaurant). Our balcony was nice and roomy, however we didn't exactly get a 'room with a view' as there were trees in the way, which was a good thing as it was nice and private. The rooms are relatively small, but if like me, you literally use them to sleep and get ready in, then they serve their purpose. I would absolutely recommend purchasing the air con for 40 a week as it does get very hot - the air con worked wonders, even to the point that we sometimes had to use blankets at night. You purchase the air con from the Gallera restuarant underneath, but be warned that they keep the controls so you must be happy with the temp that they set it to before they take the control away. I would agree with the comments that these studios don't cater for the people looking to cook in their rooms. There was nowhere to eat or any surfaces to put pots/pans/plates on, the fridge was quite small (But had a freezer compartment to keep the vodka nice and chilled ). They provide a kettle so cups of tea and coffee are no problem! Our bathroom was also fairly small but comfortable enough and plenty of room to have a shower. Be warned to expect a 'wet room' when you have a shower as the shower curtains aren't brilliant (We just asked the maids for extra towels to soak up the wet floor and that was fine!) There is lots of wardrobe space which was good and a dressing table and mirror located just by two sockets. The beds were very comfy and we each had a reading light. I would happily stay at these studios again, we went with Olympic and they were great.
For the price we paid for these studios, we got what we expected and were very happy with that. I think it all depends on what you expect from an appartment as to how happy/disappointed you are with them. If you require more room, good cooking facilities, bigger bathroom then you are going to be paying that little bit more and I'd suggest somehwere like Socrates Appartments which are just a stones throw down the road from Marina. I hope this helps and if there is anyone reading this comment who, like me, wants a nice cheap holiday in the BEAUTIFUL Skala and prefers to spend their days in the baking hot sun by the lovely beaches and their nights eating lots of yummy Greek food and having a few drinks with the locals, (Rather than couped up in a room) - then book the Marina as you won't be disappointed. Hope this helps!