To Perasma Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

Stan C

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Recently visited Agia Efimia, and loved Kefalonia generally.

I have to say though that our experience of eating at To Perasma, was disappointing, and quite frankly upsetting.
We were served by the gentleman on the right of the attached picture - which I just copied from somebody else's comment.
The waiter asked each of us what we wanted - but because I am completely deaf in my right ear, could not hear what he said to my brother to my right, and so I did not realize what was said between them.
So when I asked what was apparently the same question as my brother - this waiter became annoyed and downright rude in his response to me - and even threw in some rude and sarcastic remark, when I tried to explain my deafness to him.
If I had been there on my own, I would have left immediately - and I would never eat at this restaurant again.
The best restaurant in Agia Efimia, is without doubt Pergolas - whose wonderful friendliness and courteousness, was in stark contrast to that found in To Perasma.