Skala Resort - (Resorts on Kefalonia)

Dave A          10/10

Went to Skala last year and am going again in July, not usually one for going to the same place twice in consecutive years however Kefalonia and Skala had to be the exception. Of all the greek islands I have been to, Kefalonia is by far my favourite. Skala has it all, great restaurants, great excursions, a few souvenir shops, the odd bar, great beach and water sport activites and no late night discos or anything like that. Perfect. So if you want a relaxing holiday, Skala has everything you could possibly need.  

I would also like to add that the beauty of Kefalonia is the island on a whole and usually when you go on holiday there are certain resorts that you should ignore because they have been spoilt and lost their tradition and character (Laganas in Zante being the first that springs to mind). Kefalonia is different, I am yet to visit one resort in Kefalonia that has been spoilt. I only hope that this remains.
Skala, a beautiful place on a beautiful island.