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Williams C           

Just returned from your wonderful island. We stayed at the White Rock Hotel in Lassi. I can only express great delight in your project. During our seven day stay, my husband and I fed the cats daily, morning and evening, we fell in love with a special little tortishell kitten who seemed to be isolated, living in the bushes by the feeding station in the gardens, so we were delighted to find a collection box in the hotel reception. Knowing that you are doing something to help these unfortunate animals left me hopeful that perhaps some will survive the coming months. Knowing that there are dedicated/caring people who do their utmost to care is very commendable. I wish to send a donation to this wonderful charity, I have all details and will sort out payment. Lastly I would also like to comment on how friendly all the Kefalonian people were, especially in the hotel. This is a holiday that I will be recommending to friends/colleagues and family. Good luck for the future.