Manolis - (Restaurants in Skala)

Lisa T          10/10

Have been going to Manolis now since 1995 when we went last may (08) it had been 7 years previous (2001) we only got as far as the steps when the owner(Freddie we call him you'll know why when you see him) came straight up to us and shook us firmly by the hand and was so pleased to see us again, to which I replied that I didn't think he would remember us after all this time. but of course he did.

He made our first night back in scala so special the food was fantastic and the wine we ordered seem to multiply because I'm sure we only ordered 2 jugs and staggered back after our meal having 3 (1 given from Freddie).
It is a typical greek place were when we first went there was an old lady on the bar b que.
If you are looking for a posh top price restaurant then this place is not for you having visited Scala at least 7 times I would never miss this one out.