Jerrys Elliniko - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Lee B          10/10

Wouldn't usually comment on these things but I have to here because I'm baffled at the low score given by one or two.  I've eaten all over and tried allsorts of places.  Indioan and Greek are our favourites. We love eating out and I thought Jerry's was very good. The best we had on the Island in two weeks.  Its open to the elements and to wondering cats on the beg, it not being the bog standard Brit building of 4 walls and a roof etc. So I'm not suprised that a mouse wondered through as well, possible a lizard or two and few crickets no doubt. I'd echo the higher scores and say do  not be put off, it was 10/10 food (by the standards of the Island any how). The owners are friendly too without being over the top. Me and arr lass really enjoyed it.  Some of the other places in Katelios....well they're a different storey & weren't up to much really (one down by the beach was really naff).