Sirtaki Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Lea K          10/10

We ate at Sirtaki 4/14 days! The food was good, but that was not why we came four times. We just loved the waiters! They were really busy but they talked and laughed and didn't seemed stressed at all..

Look out for a small australian waiter with a lightblue shirt, Giannis. He's really great! A very sweet and entertaining man.
Makis is a very nice waiter too!
All though I must admit I do NOT like the boss! He is wearing a white shirt, and I really don't like him. So if possible, don't talk to him.
The greek musicians that plays at Sirtaki every wednesday are really great! Really good entertainment.
The food was great, but a bit expensive..  I recommend the chicken souvlaki, I had it 2/4 times.. Also, the lamb kleftiko is relly great...