Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

George G          10/10

I was in Skala from 16/06/2009 untill 30/06/2009,  I had not been there before , and as my background is Greek , I was able to ask the greek residents where the resturant was that cooked the best Greek food and was directed to the Socrates.
I have to say that I ate there every day and every greek food I, my mother and Grandmother cooked over the years was made at the Socrates, I would say one evening that i liked ,say, Egg and Lemon Soup with meatballs, Gouvalikia, and the next day it arrived !!!!!!!
All the food was feshly made from Soctates own family farm, veg ect.and the quality of the food was only out shone by the service from all the staff infront and behind the scenes.
It was also very obvious that 70% of the diners where regulars and where treated like family as I was.
I would return to Skala only for the experience of returning to the Socrates.