Captains Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Nicola W          10/10

Well, you obviously didnt go to the same Captains bar! Ive been to Skala 6 times now, and know tina, theo and andreas really well and class them as my friends. They are the nicest people and keep in touch with me during the winter. They are always so genuinly friendly not fake. You must have not caught them on a good night. Theo wouldnt have been trying to get anything from you, he's a lovely guy, and the cocktails are definitely not spiked. This year it was my birthday and they bought me a cake with my name on it. Have to say I dont really kow George that well as he's only just started there this season but he seems lovely. Also there are always loadsa locals there so you're obviously mistaken. I was with lots of them while i was there! Also, ask yourself why Simon Pegg invited Theo and Tina to the premier of Hot Fuzz when he could have invited anyone, if theyre not nice people. So,  if you go back to Skala, give them another chance yeah?