IL Gabbiano - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Martin D          9/10

just got back from a great hol in lassi. stayed at the silo apartments which were very clean and really friendly. great pool & pool bar serves only fresh cooked food. my rating for silo is 9 out of 10.
there are lots of good tavernas in lassi the following are ones my family visited , Il Gabbiano really good food very friendly with good service and you must try the bar cos Panos & Nicky who run it are the best hosts you could wish for. Other very good places to eat are da veronica, phaedra, ionio, butlers place& nefeli. Agostoli is a must for an evening out get a taxi for 6 or 7 euros dont walk. Try the small greek kebab taverna in the corner of the square next to the internet cafe for a tasty cheap meal. Also try the Pizza pizza in the other corner for a great taste of greek cooking