Pacifae Golden Village - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Susann           3/10

Katelios is lovely, nice restaurants and lovely people, but the Doumas Studios is something else. The owner is very miserable and unfriendly, downright rude sometimes. At the arrival we were greeted by a large pool of water on the studio floor, which was a problem with the fridge we were later told. The problem with the fridge and water on the floor continued over three days, until we discovered that the electrical socket for the fridge, which was in the cupboard under the sink (!) had some water in it and was causing short circuit. On the third evening when fridge was off again and we requested the owner to fix the problem again we got a reply - ' I'm not an engineer, tomorrow.' You don't really want to deal with this when on holiday. Also there was no battery in the smoke alarm, some electrical sockets were hanging loose from the wall and a safe, which would have cost 12 Euros for a week wasn't attached to anything and you could lift it with one hand. On the last day the owner just jumped in at 10:05am and said 'I need the room, eh!' All in all Doumas is a joke!