Blue Horizon Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Lawrence C           

Have just found this web site 6/9/02, sorry for the dalay ! We stayed at the Blue Horizon for a week in July ( 6th -13th ) same week as other guest "Anna"... and we can only agree with her comments, We booked a last minute deal ( turns out that everyone else did too) I think the Greek staff have a lot to learn from the Spanish staff !!!!!!! We found the staff at the Hotel slovenly," dirty aprons etc " and down right miserable :-( We had no problem with the planes " about the only enteraining thing that happened through the week" !!!! The other guest is right to point out that you are in the middle of nowhere, you have a long walk to the beach 20-30min walk depending how hot it is " in our case 110 " phew !!!!! We even had to share a room with our 16 year old son, last time that happened he was a baby in a cot !!!!!! The Hotel is also a staging post for other guests from other hotels they are dropped off to wait for pick ups for the airport ( being so very, very close ) so some days it can be very busy, I don't like to knock the Island because of a poor hotel, we did take a tour of the Island and found it to be a very beautiful and interesting place. ( have read the book etc ) see you soon (yeh right)!!!!!! back to Mallorca next year Connell family Manchester