Terrys Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Hilary H          8/10

We have just got back from staying at Terry's. Lovely apartment, clean, spacious and great views. The hill is a problem if you are not that fit and decent footwear helps! However most accommodation in Kefalonia is on a hill! Going up the hill for me was ok, it was going down that I suffered. It had rained overnight and the road was very slippery. My foot went from under me and I landed on my backside. Fortunately I was fine but I was very careful from then on. Walk on the left hand side going down, its not quite so steep. Kefalonia is beautiful, it's our 2nd visit. We stayed in Katileos last time - Lassi is nicer and Argostoli is within walking distance. If you can hire transport then I really recommend it - the best parts of the island are away from the tourist areas. Would we go back to Terry's? Yes - We didn't see anywhere else in the area that was as good value.