Pacifae Golden Village - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Ieuan L          3/10

We've just returned from the Doumas studios and apartments and found it ok-ish, to a point. When we 1st arrived we were greeted by the owner who said that he was full at the time, but after our 1st week he would move us from a ground floor studio to a an upper floor larger apartment... We're still waiting!

The cooking facilities were basic with a small 2 ring table cooker and a fridge, but there were plenty of cups, cutlery etc, but only one large pot? We did have a kettle, but to get it to stay on you had to either hold down the on switch or use a plaster over the button!

The room was fitted with a smoke alarm, but with no battery!?! Some other rooms also had a missing battery, so what was the point of the alarms? No one seemed to notice that the detector cover was hanging loose, for over a week, with no battery!

Nightlife at Doumas was POOR! There was one (non advertised) Greek night in the 1st week, but nothing in the 2nd week? Most nights the bar area was closed around 11pm due to no one around. Doumas advertises that there's a BBQ "every night"... where?

I was chased by one of the family a full 4 days before departure for my bar/resturant bill, of 30. The bar and resturant area is more pricey than others around, just down the road are some bars and resturants that are far cheaper and serving a better selection than at Doumas... Try ElinJerry's resturant!!!

The room was cleaned 5 times a week and rather well too, although the cleaner did like to seperate our single beds, but this either hampered opening the fridge or the front door! We always pushed them back together.

The pool area was quite good, but you can't eat or drink your own food (including bottled water) at the pool side, which then racks up your bar bill. Do watch out for several of the plastic pool side beds having cracks in them, right in the middle (bum region), which hurt!

Most nights the area is alive with the sound of local barking dogs, but close your window and you can't hear them... But you will bake in the room! All rooms have A/C but these are an extra payable on use.

On the whole Doumas is not bad, but not great. Entertainment could be a LOT better, the elder son could try and smile a bit more and play less loud music at all hours (in the bar) and the owner could try and fulfil his promises!

Also, as no one tells you, not even the rep', May/June temperatures makes the island snake heaven, we saw so many adders on the roads and paths, that you really do have to watch out if walking and always take a torch with you at night!!!