Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Soph F          10/10

Hi All!

just reading all the comments left so far! ive been to kefalonia many times and not once has there been any problems, the locals are great, the views and beaches are stunning. the apartments are typically greek. one of the main reasons people go to kefalonia is to have a relaxing holiday, they dont want commercialised impersonal chain hotels. the apartments are simple, the way they should be. whilst your all moaning about them being poor all the rest of us are out enjoying the atmosphere and the beautiful island.
also people are reading these comments to help them choose a resort to stay at, so it would be more benficial to write about THIS resort, rather than argue about others (OSKAR). anybody who is just looking for a place to have a childish rant should NOT be visitng this site!
Anybody visiting this site for information about kefalonia?
its beautiful, a real gem! perfect for a relaxing family holiday, with friendly people, amazing scenery and beaches, fantastic food. A perfect taster of the greek way of life!
Thanks, Soph and Leanne!