Da Veronica - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Trevor O          9/10

click to enlargeHad a great time after a long day out in the sun, we went here most nights of our two week stay last August, we found it to be the perfect place to relax and have a good time and a good laugh . Lynda the girl doing all the entertainment was brilliant she is a Yorkshire girl with a great sense of humour and is always game for a laugh and she keeps the party going. Wink

The bar plays lots of good music played on request most nights, they have a massive stock of music to suit all ages. Vannessa the Greek owner is also very warm and friendly and made us all very welcome, and the bar will stay open as long as you want to drink. All in all a great little bar.Give it a try.
PS the price of the drinks was very reasonable.Me and Lynda at the end of a long night Lynda on the right.

Ozzeys Bar - (Bars in Lassi)

Trevor O          6/10

Went to Kefalonia June 2008 stayed at Jenny Studios next to Ozzeys Bar the few times we went in the bar we found the staff were friendly enough but the price of the drinks would vary on each occasion. The views from the bar are brilliant, other than that its not so thrilling, won't be going back their again .

Da Veronica - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Trevor O          3/10

Went to Lassie in july 2008 this year and had a great time, thought we would call in in at Da Veronicas because the last time we were in their in 2007 we met a great girl called Lynda she made the place buzz with her outgoing and fun loving personality, but sad to say no Lynda this year the place was dead and the drinks very expensive, the music was poor and  there was no atmosphere at all so we never returned. COME BACK LYNDA WEREVER YOU ARE