Aristomenis Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Sue C          5/10

I am really pleased that some people manage to enjoy a nice holiday here.

Yes, the accommodation is brilliant.
The pool is very nice.
The entertainment provided is also of a good standard. 
However,I do feel that people who wish to experience the island beyond the confines of the accommodation and its surroundings,as we did,are seen as being "not worth the effort." Fine, if your idea of a brilliant holiday is lounging by the pool with a long drink,making use of the poolside bar,then this could well be the ideal place for you.If you want to do a bit of walking,or explore the island,or even think of the room as little more than a 'base or place just for evenings and sleeping,' then I would suggest you choose somewhere else.People can,and do enjoy poolside holidays.Good luck to those who can.If you can,you will be welcome here.If you can't,then get a room in Ocean Front studios just opposite.They would be far more welcoming to the non-poolside-bums amongst you than the owners at Aristomenis.Perhaps after they sell up,and are spending the whole year in the USA where they have their other businesses,we may go back.Not before.