Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Eve T          10/10

Have to apologise for not adding a comment before.  We actually got back from Skala just over three weeks ago (where has the time gone).  We found Socrates on our fourth night and ate there every night bar one after that (that was in Argostoli and we had to send the food back, but that's another story).  Everyone made us very welcome especially Dimitri, who insisted we try the amazing desserts made by his sister-in-law every night and more often than not towards the end of our stay told us what we were eating!!  He was never wrong and gained great pleasure from our enjoyment.

It is not just the desserts that are fabulous, but the rest of the food, the people, the service, EVERYTHING in fact is second to none.  We felt we were amongst friends.
Peter and I are hoping to go back next year as it wasn't just Socrates we fell in love with, but the whole Island and it's inhabitants.
Thanks Dimitri, Denise and everyone for making us feel so welcome and well looked after and we hope to see you again next year. 
Eve & Peter (Chesterfield, UK) xx