Makis Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Dave R

My wife and I stayed at the Makis Studios 12 years ago. At that time there was no pool and the area where the pool and the annexe is now was a beautiful garden and olive grove and I used to watch the old man tending them every evening while I waited for my wife to get ready to go out. He (the old man) became quite friendly with us! Scala itself, while you could find a good night out if you wanted one, was much quieter then and much more like traditional Greece. Going back to the Makis at night was a delight as it was so quiet and peaceful. Two years later we went back again and enjoyed it just as much for all the same reasons. For the next few years we went to a variety of other places but in 2006 we decided to return to Kefalonia and stayed in Katelios. We took a trip in the car to Scala to renew old aquaintances and refresh our memories and were very disappointed. Scala has turned itself into a resort rather than the village it once was and the locals don't seem to have a 'community' any more! We were particularly sad when we called at the Makis and the old man and the garden and the olive grove were no more....replaced by a Bar and a noisy pool. I know things have to change, things can't stay the same forever but Kefalonia is beginning to lose it's soul, the very thing that made us love it in the first place. Scala, in my opinion, already has.