Barbara Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

David P

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Sorry i can't bring myself to tick the rating even if i could only could only endure 2 hours of Babaras. We got told the news upon arival that our appartments had been over booked but don't worry,  your going to the Babaras which is alot better!
You know not to be to optimistic when the good old tour operator gives you the dreded news of the above of which you have worked hard and shed blood to save for your anual holiday. Is this realy alot better? Thankfully not. Having been sent from room to room as the staff didn't know what room was vacant we ended up in the celler with the furry friends and the stifling heat and stench . May look tidy from the picture but trust me from the rooms we looked at on the first we where definaly thrown in second class!
The bar coupled as a reception of which at the time of arrivel was ocupied by duty staff daughter of owner Babara so we will call her Babs as she the baby, you get the picture