San Lorenzo Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Anna D          10/10

this year will be our 4th time going back to these appartments. we have been on other hols in the 5 years since first coming here and nothing comes close. the island is beautiful but what makes the holiday is the appartments and staff working there. yes there can be some noise at nights . if your windows are closed you cannot hear it, the only music we have heard is greek music from the greek restaurant on the road below the complex, you occasionaly hear a guest coming back late at night being a bit rowdy but you only hear them because the complex is so quite. the staff there are only too happy to help, anything you want or need they will try their utmost to go out of their way for you - last time we were there i broke out in a coldsore on a sunday morning, i had forgotten my zoviroax, i asked the staff where i could get some on a sunday but they insisted they would pick it up for me and let me enjoy my day - they ended going to the only chemist open on that  sunday which was in the north of the island to get some for me. the restaurant owned by the family is highly recommended but go there to eat early as many of the specials often sell out. i realy cannot rate these appartments highly enough and several people have been there on our recommendation and been delighted.