Ionio Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Sharon H          10/10

This restaurant was so amazing!! We have been to Lassi 5 times now, but never eaten here.  What a shame as it was stunning!  We ended up here after walking out of the Sto Psisto restaurant as the service was so bad.  We passed the Ionio and looked at the menu outside, and there was a really friendly english lady outside who recommended the food to us.  We jokingly said to her that if we all ate here tonight (there was 9 of us), could we have a free carafe of wine?  That was no trouble for her to arrange, we entered the restaurant and were shown to a lovely table straight away and immediately given the carafe of wine, and the waiters/waitresses couldn't do enough for us!  They were such lovely people, very friendly and professional.  The service was very quick and our food was amazing.  I had the cheese pies to start with and they were lovely, and everyone else in our party enjoyed their food.  some of the main courses we would recommend are:  the stuffed lamb with vine leaves, this was a gorgeous dish, the lamb was so tender and really tasty.  The red snapper wrapped in paper (which was actually filo pastry), my sister had this and she loved it, it was a massive dinner and really scrummy!!!  My husband had the seafood spaghetti and this was also excellent. The kids meals are fantastic value for money at around 3 euros each!  The kids loved them.  All round we went here on two consecutive nights, and even on the second night as soon as we arrived, we were given another carafe of the wine on the house (I can fully recommend the house white wine, it was great!).  You also get a nice shot of ouzo at the end of the meal which was nice.  Our bill of the first visit was 139 euros for 9 people, which was one of the cheapest and best meals we had in Lassi during our 2 week holiday.  I would eat at the Ionio every night given the chance as it is by far the best, and I wish we had discovered it earlier in our holiday!  We will be returning again next year, and look forward to eating here again! 

Sto Psito - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Sharon H

I had read alot about this restaurant before coming to Lassi this year on holiday and was looking forward to visiting Sto Psito one evening.  Our family got a taxi from the other end of Lassi to go there and when we arrived we thought what a beautiful setting for a restaurant.  It then took a while before anyone came over to us to offer us a table (there was 9 of us!), when they did, a lady seated us right near the entrance to the restaurant facing a large mirror, which we though was a strange location for a table as you could only see yourself and bearing in mind, the main attraction here was for a lovely view of the sea!  We accepted the table as it was a very hot evening and we then waited what seemed like a long time to be offered a drink!  I called the waitress over and she said "wait 5 minutes" which I thought was very rude bearing in mind we were going to spending alot of money in this restaurant.  Eventually she came back with the menus, but not enough for all of us.  My father asked if we could move tables as we did not like the one we had been given.  It was right in a corner by the gate, away from all the other diners in the restaurant.  She said "no" and this was the only table we could have.  She then just brushed over the subject and asked for our drinks order.  Whilst the drinks were being arranged, we decided that as this was our second to last night of our holiday, we did not want to sit opposite this large mirror in the searing heat and we found the attitude so far of the staff very unwelcoming.  We decided that we would leave the restaurant and go somewhere else, as the menu seemed more like Argostoli prices, not Lassi prices, and to pay that much for our meal, we would have to have really wanted to stay there.  We advised that lady that we was leaving and she looked very surprised, but our decision was made.  I would not go back to this restaurant even though the setting looked lovely, the service and the attitude was very unlike any other greek taverna we had been to in Lassi.  At the very least, we would have expected some drinks to be served to us on our arrival after asking for this but it wasn't!!  We ended up in the Ionio Restaurant which was amazing and as soon as we were shown to our table we were given a carafe of white wine on the house!!! and the staff could not have been more friendly!!! This was the best restaurant in Lassi we later discovered, very reasonable prices and food to die for!!! And most of all, being treated like you would expect as a paying customer with very friendly service! 

Trata Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Sharon H          1/10

Went here on our first night (we had been here previously on holiday in Lassi). Had lovely meal and enjoyed it. The restaurant was very quiet this particular night even though it was a saturday.  Went again later in our holiday and had to sit right behind the fountains which was very noisy and they are quite powerfull.  It seems we were a bit forgotten sitting here as we had to wait ages to get served for drinks, then our food.  One of us ordered the mousakka and it was quite laughable when it came out as it was the smallest dish ever, served in a little round pyrex bowl!!!! My sisters boyfriend was too polite to complain about it, so he just ate it, but was still starving by the end!  My parents who were with us were not overly impressed with their dishes, not sure what it was but it was some kind of chicken.  When the meal was finished we wanted to go over the road into So Simple bar, but we had to ask so many times for the bill, it got to the point where some of us got up and walked out and over into So Simple.  Only three of us where left and were still waiting for the bill.  We were very close to leaving without paying as they obviously did not want our money!  We eventually got it about half an hour after asking for it, and needless to say they did not get a tip!!!! The only tip I would give the waiters there, is improve on your service to your customers' as this was not acceptable compared to other restaurants we've been to in Lassi.  The best one is Ionio, you cannot match this place, it is amazing and you never have to ask twice for anything, they cannot do enough for you here and the food is amazing!!!!!

Simatos Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Sharon H          10/10

This was our 4th visit to the Simatos, and they were even better than ever as the owners have been busy making improvements to the apartments.  Not that they needed it as they were lovely before!  The whole Simatos experience is one that is second to none, the owners, Lambros & Stella are a wonderful family and make you feel very welcome.  The accomodation is exceptional, clean, spacious and beautiful.  We even had a bath in our bathroom and the bathroom was very spacious!!!! We will always stay here when we visit Kef as it' so amazing.  My sister and her family and my parents came with us and it was their first time to visit Kef, and they are in love with it now and the Simatos made it even more special for them!