Libra Grill Bar - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Paula M  (August 14, 2007)        10/10

The LIBRA GRILL BAR was a great place to have a few beers/drinks and a meal.  The food is all freshly prepared/cooked and this shows in the eating.  The turkey curry and pork with rice was great.  When the spices are imported directly from SAUDIA ARABIA you know it is going to taste brilliant.

Geoff and Liz the owners are very friendly and helpful, even when it was late in the evening, or shall I say early in the morning.
The LIBRA GRILL BAR was a short distance from our apartment, (FOLIES) which made it an ideal place to have an ice cold beer served in a frozen glass especially when the sun was blazing down and we'd just come back from the beach.
When we return next year this is the first place we will head.
 Paula and Mario.