Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Kevin P          9/10

Hi Lauren,just to let you know we were there when the fires started and sent to some dump in poros,would have perfered to stay on the beach with our bottle of vodka,and yes the reps were a joke,hadnt got a clue.As for the cpl gettin married it went a head we were all invited,and to be fair to Elizebeth she put on a good night for them.We didnt need to evacuate at all,as their were 3 fire breaks before the hotel,and the staff stayed there all night,no water or electric tho untill 4.30pm on thur.Fortunatly we had a car a stayed away till it was ok to return.

Overall fab hol,despite whats said about Elizebeth,who we found ok untill she enquired where 2 drinking glasses had gone?? i told her to comb the beach as we had binned them when we got moved off to go to poros,she stared at us like i,d just been smacked by a tree stump,but i suppose we didnt kick up too much fuss,as we were out of aircon for refund was mentioned,so we though we,d call it
Would def go back,loved the peace and quiet