Maria Anna Hotel - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Linda F

  Mmmmm ????!!!!! Now then, where do I start???  Just returned from the Maria Anna Hotel in Lourdas.

To say it was basic is very true, I quite like watching Fawlty Towers, but, not too keen on staying in a place just like it. I will explain, you see, I like clean sheets and clean towels, well towels of any description would have been useful. To get clean sheets I used to strip the bed myself and put them outside my room, we also paid the maid a few euros for clean towels (they were hand towels) but they were better than nothing!!!
Not keen on plugs hanging off walls and chip board for wardrobes and shelving to put your undies on (kept getting clicked) A nice warm shower seemed too much to ask for, I know it was hot, I did understand that, but its nice to have hot water to get a lather with your shampoo!!! A spike from the floor near the balcony obviously designed to close the doors on had to be avoided at all costs, as it did cut one of the guests feet.
Anyway enought I hear you say, but, I must go on!! We put up and shut up with this until the last day of the holiday which was in fact my Birthday.  I was refused some ICE because I had not bought a drink at the bar, I pleaded and eventually got some.
BUT ............ the straw that broke the camels back completely and utterly was ..... we went to the room to have a shower before going out for my birthday meal and there were no towels, my Husband popped down to Reception to ask again for them to be told .... there are no clean towels in the hotel, can you not use one of your beach towels!!! We did, we had to, they were packed at the bottom of our suitcase ready for travelling home the next day???!!!!
I rest my case.  Linda Freestone