Eleana Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Andy A          3/10

We have just returned from our second stay in these apartments. As with last year we cannot fault the rooms, clean, spacious all that you need. Unlike last year though the pool is now a no fun area. My 2 children were using a small rubber boat in the kids pool and were asked to remove it. One day we were the only people in the pool so we had a couple of races, this time we were told "calm down", there was only 2 other people around the pool area and they said they did not mind. The very friendly English lady "Sharon" has now moved to the other apartments over the road, leaving just a misrable old sod, who if he smiled may need to go to A & E to get checked out! He has tip jar on the bar which if he did more than just grunt when serving and maybe collected empties from the pool area (you have to take back your own) would probably get a tip. The same can be said (apart from the service at the bar) about the sister apartments over the road. We were in there one evening and my children were playing on the swings and the whole time the owner just stood staring at them, so much so that my children felt uncomfortable and decided it best just to sit down with us. These are great apartments if all you wish to do is go to the beach and have somewhere clean to sleep, if not then keep your kids on a short leash, dont smile to much and dont expect to have to much fun around/in the pool. Also just another point to add, wish that the weather is cool as the air con for the rooms cost 7 a day! For a two week stay thats 98! Nearly 70. I think the owner may need to rethink some of his ideas before this goes further down the pan and turn into a 60+ only complex.