Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lesley S

I'm sure you will have a great time in Kefalonia. The island is truly spectacular and Skala a lovely resort. As I said on my post further down this page the Andreas Apts are beautiful but we found Elisabeth extremely rude and completely intolerant of our (well behaved children!) We certainly didn't let them run riot around the apartments or indeed disturb any other guests. However she did not seem to understand that they wanted to have a little fun in the pool with a small ball (when the pool was empty of other guests.) She also was guilty of having double standards, as when friends of hers visited the apts one afternoon, their children were allowed to play with balls in the water. We felt she was watching our every move whilst on our well earned holiday and this gave us an uneasy feeling. In the end we got used to the daily glares from her and found them quite amusing. We weren't the only guests to comment on her attitude. If you have read through the posts on here it's true that people either love her to bits or have strong feelings towards her in another way!!
It is for these reasons that we would be very unlikely to return to the Andreas Apts again. Surely all those who feel the second way can't be yobs/ Brits abroad/ selfish/ or wrong!!!!!!
PS Have a lovely holiday.