Porto Helis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Lauren D          10/10

We have just got back from Svoronata after a great holiday. We ate in Porto Helis a few times and the food was beautiful. Peter is the only waiter there. He works really hard and is so friendly. Unfortunately one of the nights, there was a very rude man who had ordered some food and was unhappy about the time he had to wait. He wasn't very nice and even made a little childish comment as he came past the restaturant after eating somewhere else. Unfortunately as I said Peter is the only waiter and whenever we walked past he was the only one there no matter what time of day or night it was.  It's a shame that some rude people have to show other English people up!! I would go back there again, and I definately wouldn't mind waiting a little longer for such wonderful food. Well done Peter!!!